Jerry Kroll

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Jerry Kroll has 20 years of experience as an investor and in leadership serving in executive management roles at tech companies. He has always had a passion for motor sports and is a licensed race car driver. Jerry founded Kleen Speed Technologies developing advanced electric race cars at the NASA Research Park in California. His passion for motor sports combined with clean technologies led him to partner with Henry Reisner of Intermeccanica in the design and production of electric cars. Jerry’s experience in innovative technology start-ups coupled with his knowledge of clean technology allows him to effectively co-ordinate, manage and execute strategies for Electra Meccanica.

Henry Reisner

Founder & President

Henry Reisner is the owner and operator of Intermeccanica, a company with a 60 year plus legacy of custom built sports cars for a global clientele first in Turin Italy, subsequently Vancouver British Columbia since 1982 and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp. Over the years Intermeccanica conceived, designed and built custom  sports cars including the Apollo, Italia, Indra, Porsche Speedster and Porsche Roadster RS for a global clientele.  Henry Reisner has substantial experience of the automotive industry with a solid background in the manufacture of fine, high end automobiles. He serves as the chief operating officer overseeing the design and production of Electra Meccanica’s electric cars.

Steven Sanders


Mr. Sanders is the founding partner of Sanders Ortoli Vaughn-Flam Rosenstadt LLP, the predecessor of the New York based law firm of Ortoli Rosenstadt LLP. He is currently “Of Counsel” to Ortoli Rosenstadt LLP. Mr. Sanders has more than 45 years of experience practicing international corporate law spanning North America, Europe and Asia. He has a BBA from City College of New York, a Juris Doctorate from Cornell Law School and is a member of the American and New York bar associations.

Luisa Ingargiola


Ms. Ingargiola has a diverse experience in capital markets with public companies.  She is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Avalon GloboCare, a leading biotech health care company that is developing cell based therapeutic and diagnostic technologies for cancer and other diseases. Ms. Ingargiola also serves as a Director and Audit Chair of FTE Networks, a leading provider of innovative technology-orientated solutions for network infrastructure and intelligent buildings.  Ms. Ingargiola is a former Chief Financial Officer and current board member of MagneGas Corporation. In addition, she has served as Audit Chair for several public companies in the technology, environmental and energy industries. She is a graduate of the University of Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. She also has a Master of Health Administration, University of South Florida.

Shaun Greffard


Shaun Greffard is a management professional with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT industries. He has an expertise in overhauling underperforming business units, analyzing and removing operational flaws to improve performance and profitability. Mr. Greffard honed his skills in varying roles at the Canadian telecommunications giant, Telus where he negotiated a $600 million P3 telecommunications contract, as well as running the marketing for a $100 million division of Telus. Currently, he serves as Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations at Ledcor where he has been responsible for its $80 million telecommunications division.

Dr. Robert Tarzwell


Robert Tarzwell is currently Clinical Director of Research for Mental Health at Lions Gate Hospital. As an eminent psychiatrist Dr. Tarzwell’s expertise has led to various clinical consultant roles in medicine and in academia. Dr. Tarzwell has been an investor in various high tech start-ups. He is also passionate about motor sports and is an amateur race car driver.